Once you’ve started mining Flux, you will find the Parallel Assets pending balance box in your stats.

In this box you will see your summary pending rewards accumulated during week. You will recieve Parallel Assets rewards after every payment to your wallet from pool.

Pay Per Last N Time Enhanced

PPLNT means Pay-Per-Last-N-Time, it uses specific amount of round time. On our pool its 51% of round time, that means if you are mining 51% or more of the round time, all your shares will be paid. If less than 51% of round time your paid shares numbers will be reduced. We consider that its a fair method to benefit constant miners.

Can i use Nicehash for Mining on Minerpool?

Yes, we support Nicehash on shared pool. But need to pay attention that need to keep constant hashrate for long period. If your hasharte spikes for 100% or more from average hasharte your shares will be reduced. We are using this method to protect pool’s profitability and constant GPU miners from pool hoppers.

Minerpool uses password defined in miner’s clinet to confirm the payout change. You can set any password you want except X

You can change the minimal payout by clicking button change in your stats

In a new window change the payout thershold and click save

How to set password in HiveOS

Open flightsheet and select Setup Miner Config

PPTS: Pay Per Timeframe Shares

Our Timeframe that is considered for each rewarding period is 10 minutes. After each timeframe, accumulated rewards move to your Unpaid balance. After that, considering your custom payout setting the payment will be processed accordingly. Every round of 30 seconds (2880 rounds per day), the…


MinerPool is a cryptocurrency mining pool, with lots of uniqe features and 24/7 support. https://minerpool.org/

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